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Fake Vomit And Gummy Worms: New York’s Tiniest Museum

Inside an elevator shaft at the end of an alleyway lies a tiny museum of regular-sized things. It's called...Museum, and it's a scrap of whimsicality behind graffitied doors. The exhibits range from the curiously mundane (tubes of toothpaste, a bag of melted gummy worms) to the insane (such as the alleged shoe thrown at George Bush).

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Museum is a monument to the poetry of the commonplace & a portal to another dimension...

Museum goers are giants here, where the maximum occupancy is around three people. You don’t have to wait until next time you find a cake labeled “EAT ME” while you’re shuffling around an unlit alleyway amidst the discarded candy wrappers and shards of glass. Go to Museum for a taste of what it feels like to be larger than life, and while you’ll have missed the display of fake vomit from around the world and the Cambodian menu photo rejects, the next crop of curiosities will surely be equally delightful.

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