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    The 18 Worst Things About Working In A Cinema

    Cinema, movie theater - whatever you want to call it. What has been seen embedded in cinema seats cannot be unseen.

    1. "Two tickets, please."

    2. Student cards, OAP cards, loyalty cards, proof of age, vouchers...

    3. Kids buying tickets for films they are not old enough to watch

    4. Kids buying tickets for films they ARE old enough to watch and then trying to sneak into a film they ARE NOT old enough to watch

    5. Customers complaining about the price of snacks

    6. Customers watching a film at the cinema, but expecting it to be just like watching a film at home

    7. Technical difficulties...

    8. Mobile phones

    9. Children in general

    10. Crisis situations

    11. Fights between customers

    12. Couples getting... frisky

    13. Bodily fluids

    14. Walking into an auditorium... and accidentally catching a huge spoiler

    15. Customers who want to watch the entirety of the credits

    16. Cleaning up the monstrous piles of rubbish left behind by customers

    17. Customers queuing up outside their auditorium half an hour before their film is due to start

    18. Closing really late

    19. But... free cinema!