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  • Stage 5 Clinger: The Ultimate Texting Prank

    I decided to prank my boyfriend’s roommate, John. I took a photo of him sleeping on the couch and texted him for months…pretending to be a crazy hookup that he didn’t remember. He didn’t have my phone number and I googled an image of a random girl on google to pose as “Ashley”. I purposely spelled his name wrong and was pretty convincing! The plan worked very well, and continued to freak out John each time “Ashley” contacted him. Months went on with this. Finally we were on a group vacation at Atlantic Beach and he was under the influence of some substances….so I took the opportunity to pretend “Ashley” was stalking him from miles away while he was already a little paranoid. Eventually he found out it was me, but it’s still my favorite story to tell people!

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