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12 Reasons To Be Excited For The Return Of Damon Salvatore.

Delena might be gone but there is a silver lining for season seven.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ian Somerhalder shared his excitement about what's to come for Damon and the rest of Mystic Falls in season seven.

And although our Delena hearts are broken, there is a silver lining...

1. The old Damon that we fell in love with is coming back!

2. That means more sarcastic one-liners.

3. Hopefully some more brotherly banter.

4. 'Drinking Damon' was always fun to watch.

5. 'Drinking Damon' sometimes leads to 'dancing Damon'.


PLEASE, Julie Plec.

6. The old Damon was a bad ass.

7. He was shamelessly cocky.

8. We fell in love with his sass.

9. No one would try and cross the old Damon.

10. He just shows up wherever and whenever he wants.

11. He doesn't have time to deal with anyone else's drama.

12. Because he's too busy smoldering.



We look forward to your return, Damon.

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