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    What It's Really Like To Be A Front Desk Girl

    Just Because I Work At A Sketchy Hotel Doesn't Mean I'm DTF

    I am a fairly attractive (so I have been told), 26 year old woman from a small town. I have kids and I am married, and most of my time is consumed by that and my job as a front desk agent at a sorta sketchy hotel.

    I won't say the hotel name, although I will say it's a Choice Hotel. Admittedly, it isn't one of their best. I work for a very nice (most of the time, Indian couple, and I am the only employee who is not part of their family. I used to work for the incredible Holiday Inn, but now here I am, wasting away in a junk hotel, squandering away my talents.

    That being said, I love my job. I like the people, I like helping those who can't afford a better place to stay. and I am very good at what I do. But there is one thing that I loathe, and that is the excessive amount of creepers who roam the hallways nightly.

    I'm not sure what it is about hotels that make men think they can get some action, but I wish they would come to their senses. I've had guests ask for escort service numbers, i've been asked to post ads on Craigslist for men, and I have seen some guests have multiple women who were obviously hookers come and go during their stay.

    The worst though are the men who think the front desk agents are here for their own sexual pleasure. I have had several front desk friends tell me stories of men who will not leave them alone, and I have had it happen too.

    Just this past week, I have had seven (SEVEN) men ask me out and/or creep on me.

    One guy asked me if i would come up to his room and have sex with him if he paid me. Another wouldn't leave my lobby until I clocked out, and then came back the next day and just sat there and stared at me.

    So what is it that makes these men assume they can have their way with whomever they please? It's not their good looks, I can tell you that much. Have we as a culture become so used to sex and perversion that we don't give it a second thought?

    Why don't men care if they're making a woman visibly uncomfortable?

    Its not just in my job, I know. But what is it about a woman working alone at night in a hotel that triggers the thought of "hey I am going to harass this woman until she syas yes to me"?

    I can tell you I have had nights where I have been afraid to walk alone to my car. But I work for a man who thinks women are objects, (once telling me he only hires pretty girls), so my complaints go unheard.

    Men, PLEASE don't use travel as an excuse to be a pig. When staying in a hotel, don't make remarks to the front desk that are sexual, even as a joke. Have some common courtesy.