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    Posted on Jun 26, 2014

    16 Signs You've Picked The Wrong Real Estate Agent

    Buying and selling real estate can be super stressful, the last thing you want is to find out that the person assisting you has some serious issues. For some agents that do none of the items listed below, check out

    1. your agent asks you to blow into a contraption to start their car

    Universal Pictures / Via

    2. you ask for lender recommendations and they set you up with someone from the mob

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    3. their open house includes a keg, a dj, and an exotic dancer

    4. they ask to borrow gas money

    5. they stage your house with plastic lawn furniture

    6. they can’t show you homes within a certain proximity to the local schools

    7. when you ask for comps they send you to zillow

    8. their “FOR SALE” sign slightly resembles a used Garage sale sign…and it says OBO

    Dr. Penny Pincher / Via

    9. while showing you houses they grab a snack out of everyone’s fridge

    10. instead of using the common lockbox, they pull out their trusty lock picking kit

    11. the virtual tour they made of your property reminds buyers of “The Blair Witch Project”

    12. their business card photo has height measurements in the background

    13. when requesting an office consultation they ask you to come to their parents’ house.

    "but don’t knock, just text me when you’re out front"

    14. they refuse to work weekends

    15. they insist on you moving up the closing date so that they can pay their own mortgage

    16. their assistant’s name is Fluffy and she accompanies you in a Louis Vuitton purse

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