How To Determine If He’s Your NJB On Tinder

It’s a Friday night and you’re searching for your NJB (Nice Jewish Boy) on Tinder, but how can you tell if he lights the Menorah or leaves cookies out for Santa. These tips will help you.

1. If his name is Ben, Jon (but not John), Noah, Joshua, or Jacob (but not Jake), you’re probably on the right track.

Definitely not Jewish are Christopher (in any form, Chris, Kris, etc.), Anthony, Kevin, Timothy, Nicholas (Nick, too) any initials (P.J, A.J), or any Jr’s,

2. If he’s wearing a Star of David or Chai necklace.

Keep a look out for the cross necklace.

3. If he has excessive tattoos, your Zayde might rip his skin off.

Via Tinder

Especially crosses or Jesus.

4. If your mutual friends are all Jewish and they don’t know each other.

Or if they all went to the same Hebrew school or summer camp.

5. If he’s fishing or holding a large fish, he’s probably not for you.

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The bigger the fish, the less likely he’s Jewish.

6. If he has a picture on a camel, floating in the dead sea, or covered in mud.

Via Tinder

Yay Birthright! Also a plus, if a mutual friend is Momo or a mutual interest is Israel or the IDF.

7. If he has a NJ shore house in Ventnor, Margate or Longport.

Most likely Stone Harbor, Sea Isle, Wildwood, or Sea Side is not what you consider Down The Shore.

8. Anything Christmas related in a picture is a sign it’s not a match.

Via Tinder

Hats, Trees, Family Christmas Cards. Exceptions are things like SantaCon or Running of the Santas.

9. If he falls in the above categories and has a picture wearing either a Brandeis, Syracuse, or UPenn sweatshirt, you’ve found yourself a winner!

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