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    26 Of The Best New Releases From April & May

    This month I'm taking a look back at some of the best new releases from both April AND May, particularly from some emerging artists worth taking note of.

    1. Sophie Simmons - Burn Me Down

    Sophie Simmons

    Sophie Simmons, daughter of the legendary Gene Simmons of KISS, burst onto the scene with tracks such as "Black Mirror" a couple months back. She recently released her mesmerizing new single "Burn Me Down" showcasing roaring vocals & proof that Sophie Simmons will also soon be a household name to remember.

    2. Tove Styrke - I Lied

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    Tove Styrke / Via YouTube

    Following hits like "Say My Name", "Changed My Mind", and supporting Lorde on tour, Swedish sensation Tove Styrke released her debut album Sway and with it, gems such as "I Lied" and even a cover of Lorde's "Liability".

    3. Jesse Saint John - FAKE IT

    Jesse Saint John

    Writer to stars such as Camila Cabello, Charli XCX & Britney, Jesse Saint John makes his mark with his new single "Fake It". Right from the get go you can tell this will be a name on everyone's lips such as the artists he's written for. YES Jesse, come through!

    4. Bronze Avery - Never Gonna Give You Up

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    Bronze Avery

    Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore Bronze Avery and his stellar releases and constant visual perfection. Today he released a cover of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" complete with sensual vibes and transforming it into his own. This hands down beats every single cover that exists & you'll never think of it the same way again.

    5. Kill Paris ft. Trove & Emily - Made Of Time

    Kill Paris/Trove/Emily Vaughn

    Well, well, well. Emily Vaughn. No stranger at all to these playlists. An artist who has well and truly captured my heart. This time she joins Kill Paris and Trove on "Made Of Time" to further reduce me to tears in this truly magnificent masterpiece of a song which was written about "being willing to spend as much time waiting to be with the one who makes you feel like time doesn't exist."

    Put. This. On. Repeat!

    6. REYNA - Baby Forget It


    Sister duo REYNA follow up their shimmering 80s infused single "Cool With It" with another addictive gem in "Baby Forget It". This is one you shouldn't forget!

    Fun fact: REYNA have previously opened for CHVRCHES and are currently signed to Saiko Management who are known for developing Lorde in her early stages and representing artists such as The Aces, Parson James and Glades to name a few.

    7. LAUV - Bracelet

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    By now, LAUV needs no introduction. Having co-written Boys by Charli XCX, opened for Ed Sheeran (also set to open for him later this year) and sold out many of his own shows, he continues to deliver with each and every release and maintaining his superstar status.

    8. Lizzy Land - Holding Out For You

    Lizzy Land/Schier

    Oh Lizzy Land, how I love you. Dropping one of the biggest anthems of the summer, "Holding Out For You" is a MUST for your playlists!

    9. Clara Mae ft. Jake Miller - Better Me Better You

    Clara Mae/Jake Miller

    Having already delivered with hits such as "I'm Not Her" & "I Forgot", one of my favorite Swedish icons, Clara Mae, returns and enlists the help of Jake Miller on her new single "Better Me Better You". Another sure hit just in time for Summer. Bring on the album!!

    10. Salt Ashes - Girls

    Salt Ashes

    London based electronic pop gem Salt Ashes returned with her new anthem "Girls" which followed her debut album back in 2016. The track was co-written with Born Stranger and with it, the message of "breaking the stereotypes of people who want to express themselves and their sexuality freely without the “slut shaming” or being told that they’re “asking for it”.

    Having opened for artists such as Tove Styrke, it won't be long until Salt Ashes is a name on everyone's radar.

    11. Cherryade - Empress


    Pop music with a razor edge. Enter London duo Cherryade with their latest hit "Empress".

    12. Against The Current - Almost Forgot

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    Against The Current

    I was introduced to this incredible track from pop-rock band Against The Current by Bronze Avery and let me tell you....I was hooked for days. If you appreciate good music, I'm sure you will be too.

    13. Charlotte Black - Nobody Else

    Charlotte Black

    Charlotte Black is back with a new single proving she's clearly a definitive artist to keep an eye on. Encompassing all the qualities of a true popstar, she follows up last years "All Over You" with "Nobody Else" which was well & truly worth the wait. If you're sleeping on Charlotte Black, now is the time to WAKE UP!

    14. JVDAS - We're On Fire

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    JVDAS has been on my radar for a good few years now. When I first heard his voice and saw one of his first music videos, I knew in that moment I was gazing upon a future HUGE star. He recently released his 6 track debut EP and with it, a visual for "We're On Fire". There is no denying for one second that a talent like JVDAS is incredibly rare & all I want is for him to get the recognition he deserves.

    15. Sleeping Lion - Easy For You

    Sleeping Lion

    I was lost for words when I was sent this from Sleeping Lion. I mean, every single time I listen, I get chills. Those silky smooth vocals & the mesmerizing production instantly draw you in and I challenge anyone who says otherwise. Take note music supervisors, this is a HIT.

    16. GLADES - Not About You

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    It's been a while since I listened to GLADES since the release of "Drive" and what a perfect way to enjoy them all over again with their new single "Not About You". If you're not already acquainted, now is the time.

    17. LYVES - Still


    Following her opening for Coldplay last year, the majestic LYVES makes a triumphant return with her first release of the year, "Still". Written along with JNTHN STEIN, the track is taken from her upcoming 'Eight Rooms' project which includes short films and will be released once a month.

    A new LYVES track...every single month? I feel like the luckiest person on earth tbh.

    18. Violet Days - Just A Little

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    Violet Days

    Lina Hansson and Kris Eriksson make up the iconic Violet Days. Following up 'Somber' which featured morgxn, they return with "Just A Little" and if anything, I never want just a little of them. I want more more more!

    Fun fact: Violet Days co-wrote "Paris" by The Chainsmokers as well as collaborating with artists such as Phoebe Ryan.

    19. Next To Neon - Fashion

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    Next To Neon

    Transport yourself back to the 80s with the new one from Next To Neon.

    That falsetto though!!

    20. Georgi Kay - Lone Wolf

    Georgi Kay

    As it happens, I was introduced to Georgi's music from REYNA and the moment I heard it, I knew I was in for a treat. The British-Australian with a love of looping, electronic beats and synths has surely won me over with her new track "Lone Wolf". I dare you to say you don't enjoy this.

    21. Shaqdi - Better

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    Back on over to Sweden again for newcomer Shaqdi and her gloriously smooth single "Better".

    22. STRØM - Teenage Crime


    And last but not least, we have the mysterious STRØM with his incredibly captivating new track "Teenage Crime"

    23. Leon Else - My Kind Of Love

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    Leon Else

    It's been a while since I've heard from hearthrob Leon Else and what a welcomed return with him featuring on the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why". Hopefully it won't be long until we're hearing a lot more.

    24. HAERTS - Your Love

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    Another track taken from the Netflix series featuring a band very very close to my heart: HAERTS. Words will never do them justice. Just listen and let them completely transport you to a completely new world. Each and every time.

    25. Qveen Herby - SADE IN THE 90s

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    Qveen Herby

    Qveen Herby came onto my radar since enlisting the sensational MONOGEM to feature on her track "Bank" and ever since I was hooked. From the music, to the voice and the visuals, everything about Qveen Herby proves she's...well...a Queen. I don't quite know anyone at the minute who is in the same league as Qveen Herby and I'm excited to see what she does next!

    26. Teischa - Before


    Perfectly closing out the playlist is the newest track from Australia's very own Teischa. Absolutely stunning.