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18 Of The Best Tracks From February

There's no doubt February has been an exceptional month for new music. Here's a rundown of what's been hot on my playlist

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1. Clara Mae - I Forgot

Clara Mae/Big Beat Records

There is no doubt the Swedes know how to produce pop hits & Clara's latest track is a perfect example. Following up her hit single "I'm Not Her" with the equally addictive & radio ready "I Forgot".

2. Emily Vaughn - Over That ft. Yuppycult

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Emily Vaughn/Joe Desantis / Via Emily Vaughn

Emily Vaughn returns with the official video for "Over That" teaming up again with director Joe Desantis to bring in some visuals for this POPTASTIC track. I believe she is one of the most influential pop musicians in today's emerging scene & I currently have this on full blast repeat while getting over someone. All I can say is this is definitely helping me to get "Over That" as well as being one heck of an anthem you need in your life right now.

3. Krewella - Alibi

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I mean c'mon, this is Krewella we're talking about. Did you really expect anything less than amazing?

4. Jack Wins ft. Caitlyn Scarlett - Freewheelin'

Jack Wins/Caitlyn Scarlett

Meet your next Top 40 hit.

This has been on repeat ever since I first heard it and now I have a really unhealthy obsession. Surely it would be a crime if this didn't become a huge hit?!

5. REYNA - Cool With It


Sister duo REYNA return with their first release of the year with an epic 80s reminiscent synthpop track with a huge hook which will be playing through your head for years to come. Get ready to break that repeat button and watch REYNA rise to mainstream success!

6. LAUV - Getting Over You


I remember when a friend introduced me to Lauv when he went by a completely different project & seeing the amount of potential he had going. Fast forward to today and he has received praise from Liam Payne of One Direction, went on tour with Ed Sheeran and released slick & smooth R&B hits in between.

This is a must add to any playlist dedicated to getting over that someone.

7. Goldilox - Michael's Song

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Ever since hearing her track "Morning" I remember being completely captivated by Goldilox. She recently released this video for "Michael's Song" and I'm completely transifxed, it's unreal. This is true art.

8. Zoey Lily - More

London based Zoey Lily follows up her track "Nothing" with the equally moreish "More" which proves this young talent is onto HUGE things. With a voice like this, I don't think it'll be long until we're all hearing Zoey across our favorite TV series.

9. Ana Zimmer - Sensitive

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Ana Zimmer

Paris based artist Ana Zimmer recently released her steamy & seductive track "Sensitive" and it will definitely make you feel all sorts of ways. Those 80s synths & electric guitars got me good. I. Cannot. Stop. Repeating. This.

10. Bronze Avery - Secrets

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Bronze Avery

Bronze Avery has some "Secrets" to share with this surprise release which has some serious eargasmic moments.

11. ELOHIM - Fuck Your Money

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ELOHIM / Via YouTube/Noisey

Elohim has surely made a dent in the electronic/pop scene over the past few years and if there's anyone who deserves to break out next, it's her. The amount of hard work and passion she puts into everything shines through, from the music to the visuals, especially if you've ever seen her live. Here she see's the positive in any situation & after hearing the message behind the song, it hit me real hard with how relatable it was. It's partly the reason so many people can connect & find comfort in her. Elohim is the positivity we need in the world right now.

12. Emily Vaughn - Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Emily Vaughn

Surprise! You bet I'm adding another Emily Vaughn track. Earlier this month Emily released a cover of The Clash's "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" proving she's flawless and can do no wrong. LOOK AT THOSE VISUALS.

13. Alex Lustig ft. Akacia - In The End

Alex Lustig/Akacia

Australia's Akacia teams up once again with Alex Lustig to create pure chill magic. It seems anything she lends her voice to is pure gold and this is no exception. Every one of their collabs is euphoric.

14. Priest - Our Time Will Come


Ok so maybe I'm cheating just a tiny bit and sneaking in this track which may have been released in January, but it was honestly too good not to include. Florida based Priest has been on my radar since her track "Isn't It So" some years ago and this one is a fierce reminder of why I love her. Great taster of her upcoming EP.

15. DREW - Keeping Up


Danish artist DREW makes a comeback following her mesmerizing track "Runner"

16. Cabu ft. Akacia - Good


Akacia also makes another appearance here, this time teaming up with Cabu again to release "Good" which follows the popular "Gold" and "Weakness" showing that whenever they come together, it's pure magic. Such chill vibes.

17. Robinson - Nothing To Regret


Robinson unveiled her latest track "Nothing To Regret" which you'll regret not listening to. She's currently signed to the same management as Broods & Joel Little (who also produced for Lorde) so expect big things soon enough.

18. Hanne Leland - Carry On

Hanne Leland

Hailing from Norway which has seen artists such as Sigrid breakout recently, Hanne Leland is surely onto something, especially as she follows up the addictive "Hungover You" with "Carry On".

Hanne also opened for All Saints on their last UK tour, so that alone should convince you to check her out!

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