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    17 Of The Best Songs From Emerging Artists In 2017

    A quick rundown of some of the best tracks from emerging artists discovered this year.

    1. Allie X ft. Verite - Casanova

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    If you haven't heard about any of these ladies before, I hope this serves as a perfect introduction. Both Allie X and Verite have been on my radar for a good 3 years now so to see these 2 teaming up has been a defining moment to say the least.

    Fun fact: Allie X received praise from Katy Perry when she tweeted about one of Allie's tracks. Can you guess which one?

    2. Dominique - Use Me

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    Electronic pop powerhouse Dominique follows on from her cover of Cassie's "Me & U" (previously featured on Buzzfeed) with one of her strongest tracks to date. Glitchy production and perfect pop hooks paired with a great audio visual that will have you in a loop hitting that repeat button. Guaranteed.

    Fun fact: Dominique produced a live looping mashup of Allie X's tracks which even had her seal of approval.

    3. Bronze Avery - Leave Together

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    I've been obsessed with this debut track from newcomer Bronze Avery, from the infectious production and catchy hooks and a kickass video, honestly just everything about it screams potential and without a doubt, very strongly rivals that of a major label artist. I'm in love & I want to break the repeat button. This wouldn't be out of place in the Top 10 charts - I'm sensing a huge breakthrough next Summer and throughout 2018.

    4. Elohim - Skinny Legs

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    Elohim is a creative genius and I'm hugely in love with her insane use of electronics and visuals so it's no surprise she well and truly delivered with this stunning masterpiece of a video for "Skinny Legs" with an emotive ending.

    5. Kyler Slater - Through The Motions

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    Prepare to fall MADLY in love with the smooth vocals of LA's finest Kyler Slater. I want him to win so bad. Big things coming from this talented man in the coming year <3

    6. Micky Blue - Good Love

    Micky Blue

    I have to admit a lot of times I just sit and die a little inside knowing that more people don't know about Micky and this stunner of a track which will no doubt put you in a feel-good mood whilst listening. I mean don't you feel like you can do anything when you hear this? Micky is such a beautiful soul and I hope you enjoy it just as much.

    7. MOMENT - All This Time

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    This Stockholm based trio released a steamy video for their track "All This Time" - watch him dance and get hosed down in his white tee.

    8. Akacia - Home


    A beautiful gem of an artist who has been on my radar for a very long time. Her voice is just pure magic and calming as anything, Akacia's voice will transport you to a different dimension. Oh Australia, how I envy you and your superstars.

    9. LYVES - Cover Me


    London based LYVES is another hidden treasure. Following hitting the road with Coldplay earlier this year, LYVES definitely won't stay hidden for long. Her dark R&B productions and vulnerability will not only break your heart but heal it at the same time.

    Fun fact: LYVES is currently working on her debut album and if her tracks are anything to go by - It. will. be. HUGE.

    10. PERISH - No Way Out

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    Not gonna lie, the pairing of this video and track reduced me to tears. It taps into the struggle of depression, bipolar and mental health. "No Way Out" is taken from Perish's debut EP "La Petite Mort".

    11. Luna Shadows - Thorns

    Luna Shadows

    Beautiful chill pop from Los Angeles based Luna Shadows which draws comparisons to Lana Del Rey.

    12. Monogem - 100%


    LA based Monogem is someone I hold very dearly to my heart, watching her flourish for the past few years, I know she's on the cusp of about to blow so I know 2018 will have some defining moments for her. Get in on her NOW.

    Keep it 100.

    13. Superwalkers - I Got You


    Sensual moody pop from Swedish hearthrobs Superwalkers. One for the Valentine's playlist.

    14. KING - Hello Hello

    Danish artist KING is definitely on her way to royal status if her music is anything to go by and will have you choreographing your own dance routines to her tracks.

    Fun fact: KING is in actual fact a choreographer and effortlessly brings that aspect to her music. Could you tell?

    15. On Planets - Cure

    On Planets

    Unwind with the chill-trap sounds of the Vancouver based beauty that is On Planets. Watch this space <3

    16. SIRE - Black Mirror

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    Another HUGE debut from a brand new artist who you'll be hearing a lot of more in the near future. Wait until that drop hits and f***'s you up, I'm in complete awe. He wouldn't feel out of place at all performing with the legendary Banks and I predict it won't be long until he's at that same level.

    17. PILLGRIM - Cold & White

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    Moody, brooding dark electronic vibes out of Mexico City which borders on those somewhat similar to The Weeknd. Be sure to check out his earlier music and album, *hugely* underrated.