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Japan’s Famous Rescue Cat Wasabichan Latest Updates! Something Has Happened to Wasabichan’s Health

You’ve read a touching story of Wasabichan, a kitten rescued by @jessiepon when she was being attacked by crows. We are going to follow up on Wasabichan’s progress today, as something has happened to her health recently.

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Wasabichan is known for dressing up in a knitted mushroom and a tarako (salted cod roe). Because of her injury inside the mouth, she cannot swallow food. In order to get fed with a catheter, she needs to not struggle, and that's why @jessiepon is making her wear these costumes to restrain her movement.



@jessiepon: “Today’s Wasabichan! She refuses to eat the baby food, so we are back to feeding with the catheter and milk. We tried using a syringe for feeding, but from the second meal she started to struggle. It could be just she’s in a bad mood today.”



@jessiepon: “Today’s Wasabichan! She managed to nibble on a soft for kittens called ‘Katsuo-Ippon’ [a bonito fish snack]. All the parts she chewed fell on the floor, but one can’t learn something in one day. We’ll try more practicing everyday!”



@jessiepon: “Today’s Wasbichan! We saw our vet today and received lots of good news! First, Wasabichan gained 100 grams of weight! Second, the tear on her upper jaw has healed! Lastly, her left eye shows a sign of papillary light reflex! It’s slightly weaker, but so is the right eye!”

Seemed like everything was going well. Then, Something Happened to Wasabichan’s Health…


@jessiepon: "[Wasabichan] Had seizures on the way to the vet, at the clinic, and on the way back home. She's having seizures every half hour after she got home. Her latest blood test shows a little bit of dehydration but it's not at the level to be worried about. Everything else looked fine. The vet did her best for treatment too."



@jessiepon: ”Today’s Wasabichan. She had three seizures today, so we had to use an suppository on her. I consulted with our vet to ask how many times I can use it. The clinic was closed today, but she kindly guided me with instructions. I’m very thankful. Ponchan is offering her nose to play with when she visits Wasabichan.”


*We recommend you not to watch this video if you don't want to see a suffering kitten. The owner takes the video to keep a record of Wasabichan's condition. @jessiepon says, "There is nothing you can do for her when she's having seizures, other than observing her quietly."



@jessiepon: “She still has seizures, but it’s not weakening her body. She is not full of energy either though. She hates the suppository, so whenever I try to use it she attacks my hands until they are covered with scratches.”

Via Twitter: @jessiepon


@jessiepon: "Today's Wasabichan. She sleeps a lot since we started using the suppository, but when she wakes up she's very energetic and playful. Even though she can't yet swallow food, she seems to show interest in dried cat treat. She licks it, plays with it, nibbles on it...That's not a bed Wasabichan!"

Keep Yourself Updated on Wasabichan

It worried us when we heard about Wasabichan's condition, but it seems that she's slowly recovering. Whew! Hang in, ganbatte Wasabichan! We all wish you the best.

You can get the latest updates on Wasabichan at @jessiepon's twitter account in Japanese. Also, we, Rinkya is delivering weekly Wasabichan updates on our Mailing List in English.

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