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20 Most Hilarious Taglines from Japanese Outlaw Fashion Magazine

Men’s Knuckle is a Japanese outlaw/delinquent fashion and lifestyle magazine for men. The magazine's got a sort of cult following on iternet because some of the most ridiculous and embarrassing taglines editors often inclined to use. Here are 20 examples selected from those sophisticated lines.

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14. “I maintain my graceful fashion even when my house has burnt down (true story).”



The word “Bum” written in the occupation section of his profile brings tears to readers’ eyes.

20. “I don’t know who's in AKB48, but I probably slept with all of them.”



(*For someone who doesn't know, AKB48 is a Japanese girl idol group.)

What's your favorite tagline?

This magazine single-handedly created an internet slang "Mennaku-kei," short for "Men's Knuckle kei (style)," which indicates the kind of attitude, fashion, and embarrassing taglines like these.

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