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11 Weirdest Items Ever Listed On Yahoo Japan Auction

These are some but not all the weirdest things ever been listed on Yahoo Japan Auction, the largest auction site used in Japan. - Created by Rinkya, your source for Yahoo Japan Auction items in English! Find more articles on our blog.

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Nantaimori (男体盛り)


Nyotaimori is “often referred to as 'body sushi,' it is the practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the body of women, typically naked”. However, this seller has offered himself to be Nantaimori, which is a male version of it. You know, just in case you don't have any appropriate dishware at home!

Earth (地球)


It’s the planet we live on. Some funny Q&A was being held at its auction page:

Q "How is the quality of the item?"

A "It's been 3 hundred million years, but I think it could function another 5 hundred million years. Unfortunately the terrain and environment have changed from its original condition..."

Several people actually bid on it, but the auction got terminated early by the seller himself with 9,999,999,999JPY, with no highest bidder.

Right to Decide How to Spend the Seller's 1-month Worth of Salary


This guy must be a real masochist to be willing to let random people decide what to do with his money! (Or maybe he’s secretly super rich?) The auction ended with highest bid at 25,000 JPY.

Item That is Invisible to Ignorant People


Supposedly, this item is invisible to ignorant people: it's idiot proof. The seller explained, “it’s kind of embarrassing, but I cannot see it either.” Despite his offer to give away a couple of Denny’s and Yoshinoya coupons as freebie, no one purchased the invisible item.

Kei Truck Modified to Look (sort of) Like Space Battleship Yamato


The seller calls it “Space Kei Truck,” which holds vague resemblance to Leiji Matsumoto’s epic manga/anime Space Battleship Yamato. It comes with an oddly shaped blow-up sex doll as a companion. Von Voyage!

Punching Walls on Behalf of You


The seller would punch walls on behalf of you. In somewhere like Tokyo, it'd disturb your neighbor if you randomly punch a wall! Use him instead! It was sold for 100JPY per punch, and total of 9 punches were sold.

"Something Very Sad Happened to Me *sobs*"


Evidently this guy was going through very difficult time. To try to cope with the situation, he produced and auctioned a bunch of calligraphy pieces of “Orz,” a Japanese emoticon showing a man on his hands and knees struck by despair. Sadly, no one bid on it, which probably didn’t help his feelings.

Real Penguin Foot Print and a Day of Hanging Out with Him


This adorable penguin is a pet of the auction seller. His name is “Penguin Ouji (Prince).” You get to own a foot print mold of Penguin Ouji and a day of hanging out with him, feeding him, taking a walk with him!

(Real) Time Machine


The seller claimed he successfully invented a working time machine by spending 20 million JPY. This was also Yahoo Japan Auction’s most expensive bid ever in its history, which went up to 10 trillion JPY. WOW. Eventually, the Auction staff found out about it and forced to terminate the listing.

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