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10 Unique & Odd Tours You Can Have In Japan

Some weird and interesting tours & activities available for tourists visiting Japan. Go shopping with Japanese Lolita fashion girls, visit cat cafe, eat curry with a Japanese geek, and more. Not a typical travel package! Created by Rinkya, your source for Yahoo Japan Auction items in English! Find more articles on our blog.

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Go Shopping with Japanese Lolitas in Akihabara


Go shopping with actual Japanese Lolitas, they’ll share their extensive knowledge in Japanese lolita culture and tell you right places to go shopping for lolita fashion items.

Japanese Pop Idol Performance with Meal and Photo Ops


Watch Japanese idols singing popular themes from anime on stage! You can experience the atmosphere created by passionate idol otaku fans/audience, it’s one of a kind experience.

Eat Indian Curry with a NEET (and made by NEET) at Geek share house


Experience the real Japanese geek life! Geek House is a share house with residents consisting of various geeks including unemployed NEETs (A term for individuals who are "not in education, employment or training"). The owner will cook up Indian curry and host a party with the rest of the geeky house mates!

Sumo Wrestlers' Morning Training Viewing


Visit a sumo stable and watch their morning training. This is not a typical sight seeing spot, so you’ll be watching the traditional practices with most hardcore sumo fans!

Let's Play Pachinko!


If you’ve visited Japan, you’ve seen pachinko parlors everywhere. It’s a little intimidating to enter and play without knowing what to do. In this tour a guide will accompany you and explain how to play the most prominent form of gambling in Japan.

Learn How to Make Japanese Lunch Box: Chara Bento!


Have you seen some of the beautiful Japanese-style bento (lunch boxes) before? Some of them are quite impressive. Learn basic techniques of how to make character bentos!

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