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    10 Classy Wedding Dresses Made From Japanese Kimonos

    Blending Western and Japanese traditions in 10 fine wedding dresses.

    1. Nishitetsu Grand Hotel's Kimono Wedding Dress


    Nishitetsu Grand Hotel offers a variety of wedding plans, including rental kimono dresses by its dedicated wedding shop Yamadaya.

    2. Aliansa’s Kimono Dress “Toumu” White


    Aliansa is a custom-made wedding dress company located in Hachiouji, Tokyo. All of their dresses are gorgeous. Check out more Aliansa dresses from here!

    3. Miyabi Kimono Dress


    From Fukuoka’s rental dress company Miyabi, this wedding dress looks particularly beautiful from back!

    4. Angelica's Kimono Dress


    This piece is from a wedding dress company from Gifu, called Angelica. I absolutely love the floral pattern decorated with cranes!

    5. Takeda's Asymmetrical Kimono Dress


    Takeda Bridal from Nara offers a simple black and gold dress with an accent of vivid red. It’s very modern and elegant without being overly flashy!

    6. Hanayome Salon's Custom-made Repurposed Kimono Dress


    This dress retains more of the traditional kimono feel than the other dresses do. Hanayome Salon in Gunma does an amazing job of recycling and remaking used dresses and kimonos

    7. A Black and Gold Kimono Dress from Hanayome Salon


    Another masterpiece from Hanayome Salon. A traditional kimono has been turned into a sexy dress!

    8. Wakomono's Recycled Kimono Dress


    Furisode is a special kimono worn by girls under 20 years old. Once you grow out of it, you won't have a chance to wear it again. However, what if you make it into a dress? You get to wear it again! It's a great way to reuse a furisode! Wakomono Bridal is specialized in re-designing an used furisode into a wedding dress.

    9. Aoyama Momo's Kimono Dress


    Aoyama Momo also customizes customers’ own kimonos into wedding dresses. While retaining the basic kimono shape, see-through sleeves and the large red lace on the back give it a nice modern touch!

    10. Aliansa's Kimono Dress – “Koryu” Black


    Another dress designed from Aliansa. It's a combination of Harajuku Pop and traditional Japanese kimono, giving it a very unique, distinctive style.

    11. What About Bridesmaids and Flower Girls?


    If the bride's going to show up in a kimono dress, how about her bridesmaids and flower girls? No worries, Nadeshiko also designs kimono dresses for children!


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