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    10 Craziest Japanese Ice Cream Flavors

    Summer in Japan can get quite hot. Fortunately, there is no shortage of delicious (and unusual) ice cream!

    10. Deep Fried Oyster Ice Cream


    From Bizen (formerly known as Hinasecho), a small town in Okayama Prefecture, proudly presents soft-served cream with deep fried oysters! The town is best known for oyster farming. When you take a bite, juicy oysters show themselves.

    9. Miso Ramen Ice Cream


    Miso Ramen Ice Cream, complete with a naruto maki (fish cake with a pink spiral pattern) and pieces of menma (pickled bamboo shoots). Supposedly tastes kind of like peanut butter.

    8. Sishamo (Willow Leaf Fish) Ice Cream


    Sishamo is a saltwater fish widely consumed in Japan as delicacy. The brown flakes on top of the ice cream are shredded sishamo, and you are supposed to use a whole body of sishamo stuck on it as a spoon.

    7. Yakisoba Ice Cream


    Fugetsudo in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, is an sweets shop with 120 years of history. At the shop, you can try this Yakisoba Ice Cream. It contains actual yakisoba sauce, yakisoba noodle, cabbage, and meat in it.

    6. Octopus and Soy Sauce Ice Cream


    Actual. Frozen. Octopus. In the ice cream. Just wow.

    5. Shirasu (White Bait) Ice Cream


    Shirasu refers to a school of any juvenile fish, but typically means fry of young sardines. Mmm... those eyes are looking at you while you lick the ice cream...

    4. Soft Served Ice Cream on Ramen


    What was the chef thinking when he or she came up with this menu, I got to wonder?

    3. Jellyfish Ice Cream


    Kamo Aquarium in Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture has a restaurant specialized in jelly fish recipes. One of its popular items is this Jelly Fish Ice Cream. When you eat it, you can taste a sort of grainy, jelly-ish textures. It’s low in fat contents, making it a perfect dessert for calorie-conscious crowd!

    2. Mamushi Snake Ice Cream


    Mamushi is one of the most venomous snakes in Japan and also a popular, traditional ingredient of Chinese medicine. According to an user review, the ice cream smells like an old shoe when you open up the lid, and tastes like rotten garlic and cardboard when you eat it.



    Cockatiel Flavored Ice Cream mimics that particular smell of a cockatiel (if you've ever own one, you'd notice it's that exact smell). Many reviewers reported it fills your mouth with the smell of birds. It doesn’t actually contain any bird parts (fortunately), but instead it’s made with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and apple bits.

    Just FYI


    In addition to the cockatiel ice cream, there are also a parakeet flavored ice cream, and a java finch flavored ice cream. I just don’t understand the mindset of someone wanting to imitate a bird flavor with ice cream! Do they secretly want to taste their pet birds?

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