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    16 Photos Proving That Kosovo Is Just Another War-Torn Country

    There's nothing but only war-torn buildings, corruption and unemployment in Europe's youngest state. See for yourself.

    1. The capital Prishtina is just a bunch of decrepit buildings

    Bujar Gashi

    2. Religious tolerance is so bad that mosques and churches share the same yard

    3. Driving through the countryside is so boring, you might fall asleep

    hiking njeri

    4. You will want to visit the Swiss Alps instead, because there are no mountains in Kosovo

    hiking njeri

    5. ...and no place where you could go skiing.

    be in kosovo

    6. Forget about adventure and leave your adrenaline at home.

    hiking njeri / Via Facebook: kosovohikingtrips

    7. You'd have to sleep in crappy guest houses...

    8. and wake up to dull views like this.

    9. Your kids would be playing on their phones all day long, since there are no playgrounds.

    Rilind Latifi

    10. You're going to starve, because food options are SO limited.

    11. People have no clue what cinemas are.

    DokuFest / Via

    12. Kosovars can only dream of having their cultural traditions featured on the National Geographic.

    13. There are no old cities worth visiting...

    be in kosovo

    14. or any UNESCO listed heritage sites...

    rilindl / Via

    15. ...or 18th century stone tower houses.

    Rilind Latifi

    16. And before I forget, the nightlife sucks because 60% of the population is under the age of 30.

    zone club
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