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16 Stages Everyone Goes Through At Music Festivals

As the summer winds down, sadly that means the music festival season is also coming to a close. Whether you paraded around at a big-name event like Lollapalooza or you enjoyed your local country music fest, you probably went through similar stages at these all-day affairs.

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1. Excitement

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Waking up before your alarm, you jump out bed having dreamt about this day for months.

2. Preparedness

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This being an all-day event, you're sure to eat a big breakfast, drink lots of water, and even apply sunscreen (for those of us who burn easily). Getting dressed won't take very long because, let's be honest, your outfit has been picked out for months. Be sure to bring lots of cash!

3. Eagerness

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Whether it be bus, train, car, or even your own two feet, getting there may take awhile. The anticipation is killing you.

4. Annoyance

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The moment has finally come; you can see the glowing lights around the entrance. But then you see the line. After waiting half an hour in the beaming sunlight, you get felt up by security, and that's always a blast.

5. Awe

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You're in. Everything you've been picturing is right in front of you. As you walk over to the first act, your mouth hangs slightly open as you take in the people, the large scale of everything, and, of course, the famous person on stage in front of you.

6. Elation

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Then your hear it. That song that plays on the radio all the time that you've never loved but now all of a sudden has become your theme song as you jump up and down and sing every word (out of key).

7. Dehydration

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After listening to a few sets of both well-known and not-so-well-known artists, you turn to say something to your BFF, but no words come out. Your mouth is dryer than a forest fire, and this sudden caveman urge tells you to find liquid ASAP.

8. Desperation

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As you search the grounds for water, tunnel vision develops and nothing in the outside world exists. You could run into your ex at this point and you wouldn't even care (unless he was holding water). Standing in line to pay, you look and feel like a zombie.

9. Happiness

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You've got your water and you're back listening to music and dancing. Nothing can touch you.

10. Hanger

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Yeah but then your stomach rumbles, and you know that means trouble. Within seconds you're snapping at your friends for something that wasn't their fault, and you scream and cry when you drop your phone in the mud, naturally.

11. Relaxation

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There's food in your stomach, the sun is setting, and you have some time before the headliners start. You and your buddies lie down, kick your feet up, and contently look at the rising moon.

12. Second Wind

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As the clock strikes 8 you rush to the main stage just in time to hear that band play its first chord. Suddenly, you're bouncing up and down as if you'd just gotten there.

13. Disbelief

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As you follow the herd of people to the parking lot or street, your mind is floating about you – did that really just happen? Was Drake really just 20 feet away from me? Yes, yes he was.

14. Pain

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The disbelief lasts for about two minutes until you take a step and realize both of your feet are throbbing in pain from having worn those cute but oh so uncomfortable shoes all day. Your ears are ringing, and let's not forget about that gash on your leg from your, um, graceful fall.

15. Exhaustion

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Soon you become so fatigued that you don't even remember what was hurting. Now your only priority is to get into bed. Now.

16. Sweet Dreams

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And before you know it, you're snoozing, hair disgusting and greasy, makeup caked all over your oily face, and completely covered in dirt. But none of that matters because you're dreaming about your perfect day.

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