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22 Tasmanian Walks That Will Reconnect You With Nature

Take a hike down where the fresh air is fresher.

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1. Tahune AirWalk, Huon Valley

This tree-top walk above the Huon River and surrounding rainforest is 1.6km long, and reaches as high as 45m from the ground. This walk will be re-opening in September this year, so mark it in your calendar and enjoy the new look.

2. Organ Pipes, Mount Wellington

Head to the pinnacle of Mount Wellington via this picture perfect 3.7km track. Most of the walk is uphill and open to the elements, so remember to dress warm, and wear comfortable shoes. When getting ready for the day also note that this is the best selfie spot in Hobart, so you might want to brush your hair. Or not. Whatever.

3. Russell Falls, Mount Field National Park

This gorgeous rainforest walk is made all the better by the falls themselves. It is a cold place, but that won't stop you being tempted to strip and dip in the summer.

4. Cradle Mountain Summit

A walk for the ambitious, this 13km trek will take you around seven hours, finishing up with an insane view. It snows in the winter, so check the forecast before you head out.


5. Echo Point, Lake St. Clair National Park

Take the ferry along Lake St Clair (the deepest lake in Australia FYI) and walk the lake’s edge. You need a decent level of fitness due to steep rocky areas and rising tree roots, so get those calves ready before you tackle this one.

6. Fluted Cape Walk, Bruny Island

Choose between a 2km one-way or 5.4km circuit walk. Both routes are easy, and both come with perfect views - so decide how long you'd like to stare at your surroundings and enjoy.

7. Wineglass Bay Lookout, Coles Bay

A steep 1.5km, rocky walk takes you up to a truly majestic view overlooking one of Australia's most beautiful white sand beaches. Arguably Tasmania's greatest walk, try to pick a sunny day, and take a backpack filled with snacks, and a camera.

8. Hobart Rivulet Park, Hobart

This 2.7km trail takes you from the city to the bottom of Mount Wellington upstream. On route you can fit in a history lesson taking in the heritage buildings along the way, including the famous Cascade Brewery.


9. Sandy Bay Foreshore, Sandy Bay

A relaxing stroll along the show-off that is the Sandy Bay shoreline. If it’s warm out, Long Beach is en route and great for swimming. This walk is great for dogs, prams, and anyone else who just wants to take it easy for the afternoon.

10. Tasman Bridge Walk, Hobart

Stretching 4km from Montagu Bay to Anzac Park across Tasmania's most infamous bridge – it was hit by an under-passing boat in 1975 – this walk is front-seat viewing for most of Hobart's main attractions, including Mount Wellington.

11. Hollybank Forest, Underwood

Lined by ash trees, this walk is extra pretty in the autumn. While an easy stroll, there are adventure-y things available in the area like mountain biking, kayaking, and a zip-line.

12. Castle Rock Walk, Flinders Island

The main attraction here is a huge granite boulder on the shoreline, but the walk along Marshall Beach is pretty special too. It will take you around 1.5 hours to explore, but even longer if you stop at every photo opportunity.


13. Springlawn Nature Walk, Narawntapu National Park

This place is known for its critter spotting – expect to find wombats, wallabies, and birds of prey while taking this 1.5km return walk.

14. Lake Esperance walk, Hartz Mountain

The high alpine area is an easy 3km walk, and a breathtaking sight for nature-lovers. Just keep in mind it's really weather dependant – a cold, dry day is when it's at its best.

15. Shag Bay Heritage Walk, Geilston Bay

Walk along the eastern shoreline of the Derwent River and be sure to take note of the Indigenous heritage sites en route. This track is 3km in total, and is perfect for jogging or a family walk.

16. Marriott’s Falls, Mt. Field National Park

Close to Russell Falls, this 3km walk is all the beauty, with less tourists than other pathways in the area.


17. Alum Cliffs, Kingston

The 2km trail takes you 200m above the Mersey River gorge giving you a very rewarding view for your trekking efforts.

18. Waterfall Bay, Tasman Peninsula

An hour walk with a bunch of viewing platforms for your Insta-pleasure. The waterfalls are especially tranquil after it rains, so take note next time you see showers forecast.

19. Gentle Annie Falls Circuit, Hobart

This area used to be bustling with activity in the late 1800s, but is now taken over by thick rainforest. It can get a little muddy so don’t take your good runners.

20. Cobler Rocks walk, Mount Williams National Park

It’s this 6km walk is half fire-trail, and half beach stroll, so go and enjoy the best of both. This walk is pretty easy and should take you about two hours. Sadly, pups aren't allowed.

21. Donaghys Lookout Track, Derwent Bridge

This 3km purpose-built, relatively smooth path is great for a run if you’re keen to up the intensity of an otherwise cruisy walk.

22. Mystery Creek Cave, Southwest National Park

Perfect if you’re after an adventure, but not keen to risk your life or anything. The easy 4km path takes you through dense rainforest, caves, glow-worms and old mining tools.