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Anime Fans β€” Who Is Your Most Favorite Character From Recent Japanese Anime?

Show off how much you love your best boi/girl!!!πŸ’–

If you're an anime fan, you definitely have a favorite character who is deeply rooted in your geek life.

An anime character staring into the camera

The one you're soooo excited to see in the story.


The one you want to support by any means.


Or even the one you have a huuuuge crush on. πŸ’˜

An anime character taking off a blindfold

Maybe there are several characters coming up in your mind!

It's called "Oshi (ζŽ¨γ—)" among Japanese anime fans! My recent Oshi is Megumi Fushiguro from Jujutsu Kaisen.

Megumi looking at the camera

Though he seems kind of cold and surly, he is smart, strong, and he cares a LOT about his fellows (especially Yuji Itadori). And as a dog person, I love his divine dogs, too. 🐢

So tell us your "Oshi" from recent Japanese anime and why you love the character!

Giphy / Funimation

Your submission could be translated and featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Japan post!!!

An anime character wielding a sword

Japanese geeks are looking forward to your comments!