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    • RighteousDude

      Yeesh. Where to even start. I’m very happy for you that you have an orgasm (or multiple) every time you have sex. However, many women have trouble having orgasms. It is VERY common. On top of that, there’s also people who are on medications that make it a lot harder to achieve orgasm. I happen to be one of them. There are lots of people out there who have good intentions and don’t want the “sex” to be over until you’ve had an orgasm. That’s really nice of them, but sometimes, for various reasons, it’s just not going to happen. Some people get frustrated and can make you feel embarrassed by your lack of ability to come, making it even harder for you to come. That is where the sex stops being fun. The idea is for you to be comfortable saying you’re satisfied and want to stop having sex without the other person being unhappy that you haven’t had an orgasm. You may be capable of having five orgasms but do you have that many every single time you have sex? I don’t know but I’m guessing no. It’s basically the same idea. It’s this situation, not the guy rolling over as soon as he’s finished and leaving you wanting more, that inspired this tip. It does suck when your partner doesn’t put in the amount of effort that you’d like them to in order to satisfy you. But you should be able to determine for yourself when you are “satisfied.”

    • RighteousDude

      Let me preface this by telling you that I am an airline employee. Most airlines will check a bag up to 100 pounds. Granted you are going to pay more..but I’ve seen all sorts of stuff as checked luggage. Huge Bike cases with two mountain bikes inside.. stuff like that. And if you should make it a general rule to show up for ANY flight at least one hour before hand. You have NO idea what kind of stuff goes on behind the scenes and having to rush baggage through at the last minute is just asking for your bag to be left off the plane or lost. Also, you can never predict how picky TSA is going to be on any rule so you should always put your liquids in a baggie. Just follow all the rules. It makes it so much easier for them and for you.
      An addition to number 9..always book through the airline’s actual website, not a travel agency or companies like kayak or expedia. Some airlines have started charging passengers for carry on baggage if they don’t book through them directly. I’ve also seen examples of agencies screwing passengers’ reservations so that when they show up their reservation has been cancelled because the agency somehow never paid the airline.
      As for water..get a brita water bottle! That way you don’t have to pay for the expensive airport bottles or drink nasty drinking fountain water.
      Rings are small enough that most TSA employees will actually get annoyed with you if you take them off before you go through because you slow the line down. As long as its not a superbowl ring hah
      Lastly, be nice to all the airline employees!! Especially if your flight gets cancelled or delayed. Think about it. The person who is informing you of the bad news has absolutely no control over the flight schedule. People have no idea how much an airline employee can do to help you if you are nice to them!

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