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    • RighisaurusRx

      Oh Florida, don’t take yourself so seriously. We know you don’t have the snowplows and salt and all that. It’s just that, in the midst of a particularly nightmarish winter ourselves, your “25 at noon” and thin layer of snow and ice (which will be gone VERY soon) sound like paradise.
      Our city isn’t well equipped to handle this year’s cold snaps, but plenty of Canadians have been laughing their butts off at us. One even wrote into our news station and said they couldn’t believe below-zero temps and > -30 degree wind chills were national news, and basically called us wimps. To them, we are! And wouldn’t you know it, in a few days we were back to normal-ish weather.
      You’ll be fine just like we are. In the meantime, we’ll have a little chuckle just like our friends up north did at us. Drive cautiously, layer up- in fact, stay home- and in no time your icky tropical heat will return!

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