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    19 Problems Only Backpackers Understand

    Dorm room sex is the worst.

    1. Having the exact same conversation with every person you meet.

    2. Feeling like you have to be social all the time at your hostel.

    3. The utter annoyance of hearing someone brag about how many passport stamps they've collected.

    4. Becoming besties with someone to only see them leave 2 days later.

    5. Sleeping in dorm rooms.

    6. The soul crushing disappointment when you realize there's no free breakfast left at your hostel.

    7. Know it all backpackers who want to tell you why where you've been or where you're going sucks.

    8. Wanting to shut it down every time you hear a second year university student having a conversation about how enlightened they are now that they've traveled.

    9. Running out of passport pages.

    10. Other people having sex in the same dorm room as you.

    11. Witnessing groups of fellow travelers be complete asshats.

    12. The thrill and eventual sadness that comes from having short lived romances on the road.

    13. You only know what day of the week it is because of the social calendar at your hostel or the daily deals at a local bar.

    14. When you've overindulged in the incredible local cuisine and realize your pants are getting tight.

    15. Meeting up with a Couchsurfer and secretly wondering if they're going to murder you.

    16. Having another backpacker criticize the way you travel.

    17. Finding something gross or unrecognizable in the hostel kitchen or bathroom.

    18. Seeing the word FREE and doing anything and everything to get it no matter what it is.

    19. Not being able to enjoy reading most travel magazines or sites because they usually only recommend things you can't afford.