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15 Signs You Were Obsessed With Mariah Carey In The '90s

It's a sweet, sweet fantasy baby.

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3. Anytime you saw her sing acapella you died because seriously, how can someone be THAT freakin' talented?

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Those high notes!

7. You loved collecting her singles because the B side always had special remixes and extra songs that didn't make the album.

"Slipping Away" and "Do You Think Of Me?" are some of Mariah's most amazing and underrated unreleased songs to date.

12. You were legit surprised at how little clothing she started wearing during her Butterfly phase.

But then you started seeing her interviews about her divorce to Tommy Mottola and the reasoning behind her change in style and were like, "Oh, okay."

13. When you heard Mariah and Whitney were going to collaborate and you legit held your breath for a second.

But then their song "When You Believe" was amazing and you realized they weren't enemies at all contrary to rumors.

15. You refused to listen to any other female diva because you knew Mariah was the queen.

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No, seriously. That is the voice of an angel.

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