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    • ridero

      The real evil is that adults are feeding those kids the lie that ‘gay marriage isathreat to straight marriage’. 1). We all are born from parents of opposite gender and sane people (including gays) have zero intention of changing that.  2). Gays are not born from gay parents; its not as if there isagay race with their own set of genes. When scientists say its genetics, they are speaking of the entire human gene pool. The biology of every living animal which includes homosapiens (humans), carries the possibility of gender-based variations leading toapotential homosexual nature. Nature means, its natural. To go against nature is an abomination. It is just as unnatural forahomosexual person to have sexual attractions toward the opposite sex as it is unnatural foraheterosexual person to haveasexual attraction toward the same sex. This is obvious to many people except, apparently, those who argue against gay marriage as they imply ‘being gay’ isachoice, like wine or length ofaskirt. 3). “Homo”, as an ugly word used for bullying, is learned behavior. Religion is also learned behavior.  4). What is the actual limited number of marriage licenses that can be given out to the qualified number of engaged persons, per capita, per year? … Uhhh .. is therealimit? NO. There will always be marriage licenses available for qualified partners. Gay Marriage is notamovement looking to replace or undermine Straight Marriage. 5). The kids in those photos don’t seem to come fromareligion which respects an infinitely intelligent God. Believe it or not, there are many Christian/God believing gays who understand that they were made in God’s image. God isalot more complex than we know … and who are we to tell God what to think? 6). We need to move beyond this childish squabble and tackle some real problems on our planet. Perhaps the one argument against ‘gay’ marriage that IS valid, is the notion that real hot men are not passing along their superior genes. One thing this world is starved for, is gorgeous men. So, there needs to be some kind of way to save the planet from an extinction of hotties.

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