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One Man Tried To Prove His Friends Should Be In Love

"Yeah, I mean, I've thought about it."

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Keith thinks that his friends Zach and Ella should be a couple. He decided to create a game show and try to get them together, or at least explore, "Why aren't we dating?"

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"I think there might be a little more going on."


But when Keith asked what they would say to each other if it were the very last time they would be talking to each other? Zach said, "I would tell you that I love you, and that you mean a lot to me, and that you've made my life a lot better."


The next day, Keith brought them back in again to talk about how it went. They both agreed it had been an "effortless date."

Keith gave them both two pieces of paper. One, with a blue smiley face, meant, "Friendship is the best thing for us no matter what." The other was a red heart, which meant, "I wouldn't be opposed to the idea that maybe we could be more than friends."


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