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    Meet The Surfing Samurai: The 22 Year Old Surfer With Cerebral Palsy

    The raddest, most inspiring surfer-dude on Instagram and Tumblr.

    Meet Dyl. Better known as "The Surfing Samurai"


    Dyl's a 22 year old kid from Long Island, NY. He's better known as the Surfing Samurai for his fearlessness and long flowing hair. Dylan proves people wrong by breaking down the stigmas associated with disability through surfing.

    Dylan was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, A congenital disorder of a person's movement, muscle tone, and posture.

    With the help of family and friends, Dyl keeps testing his limits on the surfboard

    Instagram: @klines09 / Via

    Pictured here is Dylan's friend Cliffy helping him stand up on his board.

    He's always staying optimistic no matter how tough it can be for him at times

    His surgery won't stop him from getting back out into the water though.

    He doesn't just surf though. He knows how to shred on a surfboard. Here he is getting some tube action

    He can get some air too..

    Here's some footage shot from his GoPro

    He Hangs Out With WEE-MAN! from MTV's Jackass

    He's becoming an inspirational role model in the surfing world

    Pictured here with Jesse Billauer, a former professional surfboarder who lost movement in his legs after a surfing accident.

    Surfing brings a true smile to Dylan's face

    He continues to push it to the limit!

    If you ever find yourself on a beach on Long sure to look out for him!

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