Summer 2013 Is #JortsSummer

Jorts are back and they are awesome.

1. For The Woefully Ignorant, Jorts stands for JEANS + SHORTS.

3. Perhaps You Are Amongst Those Who Irrationally Hate Jorts

Perhaps with sufficient irrationality to purchase a billboard.

4. Mathematically Incorrect…

5. Perhaps You Have Suffered Jort-Related Trauma

6. Would You Judge All People By The Actions Of A Few?

No you would not.

7. For As There Is Good Amongst People…

Light, Truth, Love and Beyonce

8. There Is Good Amongst Jorts…

Celebrity hardbody Justin Theroux for instance…

10. Hot Daddy Mark Wahlberg

Adorable kid and cellphone holder thingy included!

12. Werewolves Love Jorts


13. Zac Efron Werks Out In Jorts.


14. Because Beyonce

Bow Down Bitches.

15. Don’t Make Fun Of John Cena’s Jorts (Or Do)

16. Britney Spears Does It Traditional Southern Style, Ya’ll

17. Biebs Travels In Style With His Jorts

18. Jorts Save Lives

19. Legendary Quarterback and Sexter Brett Favre Jorted On Draft Day 1991

20. Jorts Are HUGE On Pinterest

21. Dogs Like Jorts

24. Cats Do Too!

Maybe not as much as dogs.

25. Jorts Are Back This Summer With The Return of Arrested Development

29. Summer Is Almost Here So Get Your Jorts Made

30. Haters Gonna Hate

31. So Wear ‘Em With Pride!!


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