Hunks Of Major League Baseball: A Team By Team Breakdown

Totally scientific, team-by-team breakdown of the bangability of the hottest Boys of Summer.

1. Dustin Ackley - Seattle Mariners

The eyes… the beard… other stuff…

2. Buster Posey - San Francisco Giants

Babyfaced Buster looks good from the front AND the back.

3. Josh Reddick - Oakland Athletics

Quirky, scruffy cutie who pies his teammates whilst dressed as Spiderman.

4. Albert Pujols - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Tan grande y hermoso como el que más.

5. Matt Kemp - Los Angeles Dodgers

How YOU doin?

6. Nick Hundley - San Diego Padres

Cute Smile. Nice Butt. Likes Dogs.

7. Keon Braxton - Arizona Diamondbacks

Beloved by adorable children. Also swag.

8. Troy Tulowitzki - Colorado Rockies


9. J.D. Martinez - Houston Astros

Dat Astro

10. Ian Kinsler - Texas Rangers

Boy Vey!

11. Brett Hayes - Kansas City Royals

The Talented Mr. Hayes

12. Matt Holliday - St. Louis Cardinals

He carries big things, if ya know what I mean.

13. Drew Butera - Minnesota Twins

14. Ryan Braun - Milwaukee Brewers

15. Torii Hunter - Detroit Tigers

I’m out.

16. Brett Jackson - Chicago Cubs

Ryan Gosling + Baseball pants = Brett Jackson

17. Grady Sizemore - Cleveland Indians

Sizemore indeed.

18. Joey Votto - Cincinnati Reds

Italian stallion.

19. Dan Uggla - Atlanta Braves

Dan Huggla

20. Evan Longoria - Tampa Bay Devil Rays


21. Bryan Petersen - Miami Marlins

Infinite hottness…

22. Ian Desmond - Washington Nationals


23. Chris Davis - Baltimore Orioles


24. Brett Lawrie - Toronto Blue Jays

Brotastically brolicious , bro.

25. Chase Utley - Philadelphia Phillies

The eyes… The hair… Other stuff…

26. Michael McKenry - Pittsburgh Pirates

Beloved by his fans. Rocks the baseball pants. Adorable smile.

27. Daniel Murphy - New York Mets

Presented without comment.

28. Brett Gardner - New York Yankees

He looks like a hot Joe Biden. but I repeat myself.

29. Jonny Gomes - Boston Red Sox

Beard + plaid + hawk = HAWT

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