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22 Signs That You Are Doomed!!!


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1. You see this happening nearby.

2. You just walked under this ladder.

3. You are on your way to this concert.

4. You just had these for dinner.

5. You are wearing these shoes.

6. You were mistakenly given this by Redbox


7. Spotify gives you any of these awful playlists


8. You work on the Starship Enterprise and wear a red shirt.

9. Your morning starts in this fashion

10. You're turning to certain folks for advice

11. When you feel like this before noon

12. You get this coffee at Starbucks

13. This just happened to you.

14. These are your parents.

15. You live in an infomercial

16. This


17. Your friends are geniuses of this level.

18. You keep these in your car/purse/work/place that is not medicine cabinet at home.

19. Because this gives you heartburn

20. Your new reality show airs between


21. You see this at the airport

22. Also this.

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