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    This Is How The Academy Picked The Oscar Nominees

    "I just couldn't connect."

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    Many have criticized the Oscars' very, very white nominations this year. This video is about what the nomination process just might be like.

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    After deciding that Creed star, Michael B. Jordan, is too young for the Best Actor In A Leading Role nomination, the Academy brings up Jennifer Lawrence as an option for Best Actress.

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    Of course, she's three years younger than Mr. Jordan, but who's counting anyway?

    After discussing the pronunciation of Compton ("Comp-TON?!?") in Straight Outta Compton, they decide that "It just wasn’t believable, enough...The point of a film like this is to convey the poetry of a journey."

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    And what could be a greater journey than going to Mars and back in The Martian?!? That is, if we're going to compare imaginary scenarios with CGI backdrops to events that actually happened in a real place.

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    Wait–which movie are they talking about here???

    And although our panel liked Abraham Attah's character in the hit show The Wire (a show he was not in), they felt a little weird about his role in Beasts Of No Nation.

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    Idris Elba. Idris Elba is the actor who had prominent roles in both Beasts Of No Nation and The Wire.

    Now that the prestigious members of the Academy have soooo carefully made their selections, it's time for cookies.

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