The Top 10 ’90s X-Men Comic Covers

The best covers from everyone’s fav X-Men, the ones from the 1990’s… well between 1991-1997. The really good years.


Lets start the list with X-Men’s famous enemy/friend Magneto.


This one isn’t just cool but shinny.


Who doesn’t love Omega Red? He’s the X-Men’s Russian enemy. “I will crush you.”


This one is a heartwarming cover with everyone’s favorite useless Mutant, Jubilee.


This one isn’t just a good Cyclops/Jean Grey cover but was the issue that after 40 years Cyclops asked Jean to marry him.


This one is one the really good Gambit cover plus it’s a great Sabertooth cover too. Both of them looking good in the ’90s.


This is a great Magneto/Wolverine cover. Its also one of the comics where Magneto pulls out all the metal from Wolverine’s body… kind of gross.


This is a classic Wolverine vs Sabertooth cover, both of them in their famous 90’s costumes.


This just looks like it belongs on a poster. The good old ’90s X-Men attacking.


Finally X-Men #1 was a classic. Its another cover with Magneto. Marvel used this issue to make a lot of X-Men stickers and other things like that.

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