Examples Of Superman Being A Dick

You never thought Superman is a dick. But you are dead wrong. It’s been on the internet for a while but if you never visited you need to. www.superdickery.com

Ok if you never been to you really need to go. It’s the best website ever. Now, my favorite 15 examples with Superdickery


Damn, that’s cold…


Superman’s Catholic?


One of my personal favorites.


I love this. Superboy would rather be pimping out
his ho there than save some little kid falling off a building.


That’s all kinds of messed up.


Most randomly bizarre cover yet!


But where’s the pope hat?


List of more practical uses Superboy can make of a machine that can see through time:
1.Betting on the outcomes of sporting events.

2.Foreseeing natural disasters and catastrophe.

3.Letting Bruce Wayne know that his parents are going to be gunned down in front of his very eyes in a filthy alley, you dick


You know, if you’re going to step out on your woman because
she’s inexplicably turned into an old woman, seems like the
classy thing to do would be to not call attention to it…


Worst. Adoptive. Father. Ever


“OK Superman, I’ll just take this peice of scrap metal you
could have picked up at any junkyard and put it over here with
my invisibility belt, golden sword, diving helmet, and allllllll
these other items that actually have some use or value.”


Frankly Pa, I’d be more concerned that he just set a killer tiger loose.


Yes, because finding Clark’s pants are a sure sign he’s dead.


If only Superman had some sort of… Oh, I don’t know … Maybe
a machine that sees through time, this could have been averted.

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