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    Tweenpreneur Fashion Stylist Essynce Moore

    Tween Fashion Mogul Essynce Couture will style you but you will need a little more than your weekly allowance.

    Helena: You just wrapped up your first Essynce Couture University Conference (ECU). Tell us about the event, how did it go?

    Essynce: It was very exciting. It was interesting because the kids got to see more of what I do and the meaning of it. And I think it's a bit more fun now, because any time I say ECU, everybody knows what it means.

    Helena: Can you walk us through the Candyland theme of the conference, as a participant?

    Essynce: When you walk through the door, you'd see Candyland inspired decorations. One of the things that was really fun was the candy table that had all kinds of candy on it that people couldn't wait to get such as Twizzlers, M&M's, Skittles, Starbursts, gum, ice cream and just a whole bunch of things that we have to brush our teeth after we eat.

    Helena: That sounds very yummy. Tell us a little more about what happened during the event and the topics you discussed?

    Essynce: Mainly we discussed Essynce Couture University's three pillars, which are leadership, integrity, education, and entrepreneurship. We also had tween and teen speakers teaching aspects of business ownership, it was very educational.

    Helena: What did you learn from the event? What was the take away message?

    Essynce: I learned people's different point of view for what they do. At the end of the day, we all love what we do, but we all have a different struggle when we do it.

    Helena: Is there anything else that you would like to share about the event?

    Essynce: I think that it definitely made an impact on the children there. Because it's like my mom always says, it's different when it's coming from someone who's your age. I think they left all wanting to become entrepreneurs, and that's definitely a good thing.

    Helena: Tell us about Essynce Couture stylist services? Your services are available in person and virtually?

    Essynce: Basically we do it through video chat or personally. In person, I go over to one of my friend's house and I'll just go through their closet. They'll let me know where they're going, they tell me what they want to wear it to, and I'll just randomly pick some of their clothes so that they know they can do it, and put a smile on their face. I would like to style children all around the world, whether it's virtually or going to their homes, whether it's clothes that they already have or Essynce Couture outfits.

    Helena: What's the process when you do it virtual?

    Essynce: They show me their closet and I'll say, maybe "this color stands out to me. What's your favorite color? Because I think your pants in the back corner goes with that shirt."

    Helena: In your opinion what are the latest fashion trends for the spring and summer seasons?

    Essynce: I think the latest trends for my age group, technically, is making the proper balance between girly girl and tomboy, and leaning a little more towards tomboy.

    For example things like snapbacks, chains on jeans, ripped up jeans and things like that, I feel like we're embracing those looks a bit more.

    Helena: What's the average cost for you to style someone? Would someone around your age be able to afford it with his or her weekly allowance? Or would they have to ask their parents for a little additional money?

    Essynce: They would probably have to ask their parents but everyone's different. The average range is $50 to $100.

    Helena: If someone wanted to hire you to be his or her stylist, what would the process be?

    Essynce: There's ebookings on my Essynce Couture website and you could also arrange an appointment on our social media pages.

    Helena: Are there any designs that you're currently working on for the summer or any special events you have coming up?

    Essynce: We have New York Fashion Week coming up, so I'm preparing for that.

    Helena: Can you give us a hint of what you're working on?

    Essynce: Honestly, I'm trying to decide between a bit classier and rebel. Because they're two different things and I'm trying to choose which lane to go down.

    Helena: Is there anything else that you would like to share with us about Essynce Couture?

    Essynce: For Essynce Couture, we have a webshow and a collection coming out called Fashion Fryck. Fryck meaning a bittersweet, trendy new fashion, and its on t-shirts and snapbacks. The webshow, which is also going to be on Uncle Magic's website, featured in his webshow "Kicking It." I'm going to talk about the dos and don'ts of fashion, outfits of the day, and just different things about fashion. Fashion tips, things like that.

    Also we have the Kid Mogul collection, which consists of t-shirts and snapbacks. And it's a way for children, tweens, teens, and entrepreneurs to represent themselves as kid moguls. We also have a line of body products called Wynk along with lipgloss and lipsticks. Visit out website at