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    Welcome To BuzzFeed Entertainment!

    Starting today, we're bringing the genius of the social web to Hollywood. Stay tuned for a 24/7 view behind the curtain.

    Hollywood is the greatest show on Earth.

    Nowhere else do art, commerce and pop culture intersect with such wild abandon. Every day, agents who think they're gangsters wheel and deal for starlets who think they're Mother Teresa. The motels of Burbank overflow with mothers shopping their toddlers for stardom, while politicians, potentates and the Dalai Lama swing through town every week to kiss the rings of the mighty.

    Hollywood (the spiritual entity more than the map point) is the birthplace of Snooki and JWoww, of Honey Boo Boo and William Hung. But it's also the home of Don Draper and Coach and Mrs. Taylor, of Paul Thomas Anderson and Werner Herzog.

    Which is where BuzzFeed comes in.

    Capturing the circus that unfolds here each day in a way that cuts through the churn and gives people a real sense of the life of an industry is what BuzzFeed was born to do. The social web has little patience for packaged PR-driven spin. Taking our readers deep into the story of Hollywood is our mission; to ask the questions no one else is asking, to burrow into the corners where no one else is looking. There is so much written about Hollywood — and so much is the same. We pledge to do something different and to capture, every day, the reality of the craziest story on Earth.

    Already we've been on the beat breaking stories about everything from Roseanne Barr's sudden involvement with the Steubenville rape case to a filmmaker's secret break-up on the Oscar trail. We'll continue to look at the trends shaking entertainment, offer sage wisdom on how to save reality TV from itself and show you Hollywood through the eyes of some of its most interesting (and tiniest) players .

    And we pledge to never forget that the story of entertainment should, above all else, be entertaining. We will take the fun side of Hollywood very seriously, and have a lot of fun with the serious side. We're obsessed with the shows and films, the events, the award extravaganzas; the stars in loaner diamonds, the assistants who keep the secrets, the wizards of stage blood and the master thespians, fallen idols, and strivers desperate for just a moment on the screen; the on-set schoolhouses and the agency mailrooms, the premieres, the commissaries, the coffee houses filled with aspring screenwriters. These are our people; this is our playpen. This is the full carnival in all its gaudy neon glory.

    And if you're out there in Hollywood and have a story to share, we want to hear from you. Our crack reporting team is on duty and would love to hear your tales from inside the casting sessions, the script meetings, the editing rooms, the nightclubs and the Starbucks lines. Our details are on the brand-new page. Do drop us a line.

    We'll be bringing you everything in Hollywood that's lunatic, brilliant, inspired, horrifying, crass, uplifting, and degrading, every day of the week. Lock up your agents, your script doctors and your botox hygienists. BuzzFeed is here to stay.