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The 10 People You'll Meet On Main Street At Sundance

The film festival draws the world to parade across its main drag.

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1. Giftees

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Despite festival founder Robert Redford's declaration that the recession had stripped away the fashion houses that clung like barnacles to the festival's side, the gifting game is still going strong on Main Street. It may not be the gold rush it was five years ago, but up and down the block, one finds celebs emerging from behind guarded doors, arms loaded down with loot.

2. Gifters

Richard Rushfield

Getting celebrities to take and hopefully be photographed with your products means luring them in by any means necessary. Modeling agencies cast the staff at many of the gifting booths and young people fly in from all across the country for the two to ten day gigs.

3. Random Celebrities

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It is not just the stars of the independent film world that come to Sundance, or even stars who have anything to do with the independent film world. The festival draws anyone from the Hollywood orbit who loves a giant party. And now and then, they might even see a movie. (Although appearances by stars at screenings of films they are not in are rarer than Haley's Comet.)

4. Partiers

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Filling up the gifting suites and hospitality lounges are the rank and file of Hollywood; the look-glamorous but not-actually-famous of the world, who are just connected enough to get on the right VIP lists and score the right party invitations.


6. Makers of Strange New Products

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There is no better way to get your new product off the ground than to have it adopted by Hollywood. Each year the festival is flooded with the creators of innovative and odd new products who buy up spots at the gifting suites where they can show off their wares. Tea of a Kind (pictured above) is a flavored ice tea drink with a nitrogen cap which explodes when opened.

7. Celebrity Chefs

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At night, Sundance migrates from the lounge circuit to the dinner party circuit, which means a host of events presided over by famed chefs. Pictured above, preparations for the nightly "Chefdance" dinner party which this year includes Top Chef champion Richard Blais.

9. People in Funny Outfits

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They come from all over the land and descend on Sundance wearing bizarre get ups of every kind. Something about the celebration of independent film spirit brings out those who have other sorts of spirit to display and they turn out each year in droves.