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    Chris Matthews And Sen. Chris Dodd Congratulate "Newlyweeds" At Sundance

    The Hollywood duo come within sniffing distance of pot smoke at the premiere party for the stoner coming-of-age tale.

    A video documenting the Sundance premiere of the film Newlyweeds

    It was certainly a different kind of party for two Washington mandarins on the town when former Senator Chris Dodd — the current head of the Motion Picture Association of America — and MSNBC host Chris Matthews popped in at the Sundance premiere party for, of all things, a film entitled Newlyweeds. Senator Dodd can be seen mingling at the event at approximately 2:00 in the video above, the opening scene of which contains marijuana paraphernalia visible on the table.

    The pair's attendance at the party, however, was not accidental. The film, described as a "stoner coming-of-age comedy," was produced by Chris Matthews' son, Michael Matthews. The pundit apparently dragged his DC pal along to the den of iniquity – guests who were present tell BuzzFeed the party was fragrant with the smell of pot, a scent that lingered even after Dodd and Matthews arrived. Newlyweeds was written and directed by first time director Shaka King and features several members of the former cast of The Wire.

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