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    21 Things Only Kids Who Grew Up In The 1590s Will Understand

    They called it the Golden Age for a reason.

    1. The Succession Crisis. Hurry up and decide already!

    2. When you just want to see a play at the Globe, but all your mates have gone to the Curtain and you're just like...

    3. Dressing according to the Sumptuary Laws. That better not be sable, peasant!

    4. When some minor nobleman gave you a poem in manuscript and you weren't sure you were allowed to show it to people but you showed it to your friend Laetitia anyway and it was totally about her. Whoops!

    5. Drinking to get through your weird mate's christening party

    6. Having *that friend* who was secretly harbouring Jesuits. We all know, Agnes!

    7. Tobacco. Oh. My. God. Tobacco!

    8. The public execution of Rodrigo Lopez

    9. Looking at the almanac, seeing it was Shrove Tuesday, and knowing you weren't going anywhere *near* the Bankside that day.

    10. Telling a suitor you weren't coming out because you were starching your ruff tonight. You don't want to be seen with a woman with a floppy ruff, do you?

    11. Getting through Lent by eating anything that lives in the water - it's not meat if it swims!

    12. That one guy in the ordinary who won't stop going on about his service in the Low Countries. Go on, tell me for the hundredth time about the women in Flushing...

    13. Having to wait 6 months for someone to write a play about the next instalment of English regnal history, and when it finally happens, it's bloody Thomas Heywood.

    14. ... and then all your mates won't shut up about how it's better in Holinshed.

    15. Watching ten mastiff dogs bite a bear to death at 2 in the afternoon. Good times!

    16. Being totally shit-scared of manticores

    17. Your one mate who was absolutely convinced the Spanish had sent a secret spy whale to drink up the Thames and then spout it out and drown the whole city. Dream on, Gilbert!

    18. Having your water read by Dr Forman and getting seriously creepy vibes, but wondering if maybe it was just you, but now you know it definitely wasn't

    19. Calling the only Dutch guy in your grammar school 'Butterbox', and feeling a bit bad about it, but not bad enough that you stopped doing it

    20. Wondering if you were the only one in your friendship group who couldn't do alchemy, and they were all off drinking the elixir of eternal life somewhere without you

    21. But none of it mattered really, cause you were just learning how to be you.