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    Meet The First Transgender Officer In The British Army

    Captain Hannah Winterbourne decided to transition while serving in Afghanistan.

    This is Hannah Winterbourne, of the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers. She is the first transgender officer in the British army.

    She told The Sun that she eventually took the decision to transition while serving in Afghanistan.

    She said to the newspaper:

    It's about finding that courage to do it. And that's not the easiest thing in the world.

    I was acting for everyone around me. There was no let up where I could stop that act.

    In my part of the tent there were seven guys living on top of each other. Previously I'd relished my own time where I could be honest with myself.

    In Afghanistan I could not do that. So that was a nudge which eventually ended up with me coming out and changing myself and my way of life.

    Winterbourne is full of praise for the support she received from the army, revealing to not-for-profit project All About Trans that she even received an extra grant to change her uniform following her transition.

    Captain Winterbourne is now second in command of a company of over 100 soldiers.

    She says she adores life in the army, and is looking to stay and become an even more senior trans role model.