Irish People From All Over The World Are Travelling #HomeToVote In The Same-Sex Marriage Referendum

    This is the most inspiring hashtag you'll see today.

    People in Ireland are heading to the polls today to vote in a referendum on legalising same-sex marriage.

    People making the trip back to Ireland are sharing their journeys using the hashtag #hometovote.

    This is the scene on the 9:10 London to Holyhead train as Irish abroad return #hometovote #marref

    And they're coming in force.

    Jesus. The queues in Dublin Airport to back home for the #MarRef are crazy. Halfway down Pier D by the looks of it.

    Voters are travelling back from places such as Ethiopia.

    On my way #hometovote from Ethiopia! Wrecked tired, almost crying reading my Twitter feed, itching to vote! #MarRef


    Flew back yesterday from Nairobi to Cork #hometovote - that's a big YES! to equality in Ireland!


    back from canada and super proud of all the people making it home to vote. Lets hope people see the best choice.#hometovote #voteyes


    @gettheboat2vote @ireland Starting my trip from Goettingen to come #hometovote #voteyes #YesEquality #MarRef #PresRef


    On the way- from Bangkok airport #hometovote


    1st to vote this morning - with real queue behind me as doors opened. V high turnout predicted! #MarRef #hometovote

    And the UK.

    In Heathrow airport waiting for a flight to Cork to go #hometovote #MakeGráThelaw

    En route #hometovote from Canterbury UK #MarRef #YesEquality

    People are taking pictures of their modes of transport.

    2 ferries, 4 trains, a funeral, 2 nights with no sleep but will be back Fri am to #VoteYes #MarRef @gettheboat2vote

    Plane selfies are obviously an important part of the experience.

    On the plane. History here I come! #hometovote

    Sitting on the plane. Right, let's go #HomeToVote

    Some are enjoying their travels more than others.

    Even Hozier is heading home to vote too.

    Éire! Have some hrs free, flying in to vote tomorrow. It's the most important thing you'll do. Don't forget! #MarRef

    Some people are returning to find nothing has changed.

    Came #hometovote, my Dad told me to shave my beard and my Mam needs 2 months of tech advice. This better be a Yes.

    But others are finding some welcome surprises.

    Came #hometovote all the way from London and found my mum had made some subtle changes to my room for me #VoteYes

    Opinion polls suggests that the referendum should result in a victory for the Yes campaign, but we'll find out on Saturday.