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    Posted on Jan 21, 2016

    27 Times Arsenal Fans Ruined Football For The Rest Of Us

    Why is it always Arsenal fans?

    1. Arsenal fans are a blessing, a true gift. They give us untold joy in life.

    2. They're always on hand to discuss the important issues in life, such as the debate over what actually constitutes a selfie.

    3. They say you can't choose your family. But this woman actively chose to join this one.

    Twitter: @paddypower

    "Where did you get your wedding suit, mate?"

    "Sports Direct."

    4. Why are they always wearing full kit?

    5. Like many football fans, they're often prone to making outlandish statements.

    6. Sometimes those statements receive a backlash.

    7. This sort of behaviour makes them an easy target.

    8. They are deluded in their domination of online polls.

    Sky Sports / Via Twitter: @SoccerSt_
    Sky Sports / Via Twitter: @SoccerSt_
    Sky Sports / Via Twitter: @SoccerSt_

    9. Other than polls, Arsenal fans really love selfies. Here's what half-time looks like when you're an Arsenal fan.

    10. Selfies became such an endemic problem at Arsenal that the club banned selfie sticks from the stadium.

    City AM/Express/Guardian

    11. This isn't a joke, it is a real, fully genuine problem.

    A live selfie stick refusal!!! Haha

    12. They just really, really love documenting stuff.

    Thought selfie sticks were bad? How about an Arsenal fan in a head-cam? (Via @D__N_O) #LFC

    13. It's even beginning to affect the players.

    Cech looks like he's taking a selfie here, he's become fully Arsenal

    14. Arsenal's most famous fan doesn't exactly do them any favours.

    15. Neither does their most famous former player. said...ah, fuck it.

    16. As well as changing their minds often and always, Arsenal fans love to argue...with each other. This is an actual argument about how you measure somebody's age.

    1. As is traditional among Arsenal fans, we'll settle this debate with a poll. Is Jackson Martinez...

    Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later
    Looks like we are having a problem on the server.
    As is traditional among Arsenal fans, we'll settle this debate with a poll. Is Jackson Martinez...
      vote votes
      vote votes
      vote votes
      Don't care

    17. They love to argue about things like net spend.

    18. The infighting is enough to drive a man to the edge.

    19. In recent years, football fans have started to look forward to Saturdays, just for the embarrassing moments from ArsenalFanTV – an independent YouTube channel run by fans.

    "Giroud isn't good enough for Arsenal."


    20. We are truly blessed to have been given the gift of "Angry Claude" by ArsenalFanTV.

    Angry Claude has carved out a niche as Arsenal's angriest fan. His post-match rants are the stuff of legend.

    21. If you ever venture to The Emirates, be mindful that some people call it "The Library", due to the quiet atmosphere. Some Arsenal fans now go to actual libraries to watch matches so they can feel at home.

    22. And also be mindful that, if you are an Arsenal fan, or you know an Arsenal fan, it is important to be studious.

    boyfriend made me take an @Arsenal exam😂😭

    23. Rival fans seem to be united in the belief that Arsenal fans are the most embarrassing in the league.

    I'd say Arsenal fans are the worst in the league, so embarrassing this banner! #Disrespect

    24. Even Arsenal fans admit it.

    Lmao, we arsenal fans are the worst

    25. It's hard to argue with.

    You see why Arsenal fans are the worst?

    26. Really hard to argue with.

    27. Impossible.

    Arsenal fans have ruined football for us all, lads. It was fun whilst it lasted.

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