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This Is What Would Happen To Liverpool If Raheem Sterling Went To Manchester City

Should he stay or should he go?

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Raheem Sterling has been heavily linked with a big money move from Liverpool to Manchester City this summer.

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The rumour mill is in overload, and the current suggestion from those ITK is that he could make a £50 million switch right in the middle of Manchester City's pre-season tour.

So we spoke to the data experts who programmed the popular Football Manager video game series to see if they could predict what would happen if Raheem Sterling left Anfield for the Etihad.

Football Manager ran five simulations, and the average finishing position for Manchester City was 2nd, suggesting Sterling wouldn't make enough of an impact for this to happen again...

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Chelsea would still win the league, according to Football Manager.

But what about Liverpool? Well... in the five simulations, their average position was 5th (an improvement on the 2014/15 season).

Mainly because Daniel Sturridge was scoring goals and earned an average match rating in one simulation of 7.27.


Sterling's average match rating at Manchester City over the five simulations was 7.20.

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So there you have it, Liverpool fans. Science* proves that you don't need Raheem anyway.

*Sort of science.