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    21 Absolutely Fucking Perfect Moments In Sporting Caption History

    "Mycock has put in a lot of effort."

    1. Sometimes sport goes to pretty dark places.

    Slight subtitle fail... @empireofthekop #LFC vs #NUFC

    2. Even the squeaky-clean sport of tennis goes too far sometimes.

    another #subtitlefail from the BBC at #Wimbledon2015 during the fantastic #DustinBrown #Nadal match

    It's what we're all secretly hoping for.

    3. But at least it's not as a bad as British athletics.


    That's all you can ask for, really.

    4. ...or French rugby.

    BBC / Via

    Sounds potentially painful.

    5. Like all aspects of our culture, sport just seems to be getting more sexually driven.


    The rules were different in my day.

    6. And is it just me, or are the insults getting out of hand?


    He's not the best tennis player in the world but he's not that bad.

    7. The names of America's sporting heroes are getting out of hand too.

    NFL / Via

    8. But it's even worse in Europe, to be fair.


    "Janet jazz jazz jam" is close enough to "Januzaj".

    9. And they always seem to bring up irrelevant things in interviews.

    BBC / Via

    10. They say sports and politics don't mix, but apparently famous winger David Beckham sometimes plays on the extreme right.

    Brilliant! @TromansConsult #Beckham in @BBCNews #subtitlefail: "Kids listen to me because I have played with Saddam."

    Probably wouldn't admit to that, David.

    11. But perhaps not as far to the right as Carlos Pena.

    Sun Sports

    12. Still, every teenager dreams of growing up to be a football player, and you can see why.

    KARE1 / Via

    He's clearly delighted about the news.

    13. I dunno, it just feels like even when we try to be respectful, we lose sight of our good old-fashioned values.

    14. Tennis is getting pretty sexualised too, but surely this would just be painful after the first three or four?

    #subtitlefail from BBC at #Wimbledon

    He looks like he's enjoying it though.

    15. Sex, boobs, erections...and now drugs?!

    MariJUANa MATA!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ subtitle fail!!! #MUFC @juanmata8

    Apparently he's their ~joint~ top player.

    16. Sport just seems to be more violent these days too...even golf.


    Look we're all angry at the World Health Organisation for saying bacon is bad for you, but there's no need to resort to violence.

    17. Some teams are even resorting to dirty tactics.


    That's just out of order.

    18. Sometimes, in dangerous sports like rugby, you just have to hope nominative determinism doesn't come into effect.


    Only the good...

    19. Tennis isn't very dangerous, but some people claim it lacks complexity...

    ITV / Via


    20. One positive is that sport is getting more inclusive. We heard Mary Poppins scored the late winner in this match.


    21. But no matter what happens on the field, it always seems to be the pundits who bring the tone down.

    Freeview / Via

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