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Arsenal Fans Have Gone Into Complete Meltdown After Losing To West Ham

It's possibly the most Arsenal thing that's ever happened.

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After losing 2-0 to West Ham, Arsenal fans have gone into full on meltdown mode... and it could be the most Arsenal thing that's ever happened.

Oh, just a video of some Arsenal fans having a complete meltdown.

One particular video showed a group of fans in a car park after the match, arguing about the game.

And the guy wearing the Arsenal shirt with "Adams" printed on the back shouts him down for saying Arsenal cling on to their history.

During a debate about spending money, he shouts: "Oi, fella, don't talk about spend, talk about net spend!”

This is by far the funniest thing I've seen from AFTV. What a fantastic debate.

It was probably the second most Arsenal thing that's ever happened, but this video is number one.

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Arsenal Fan TV interviewed a man who questioned the signing of Petr Cech before going on to say that the answer to Arsenal's problems is to sign players before the transfer window runs out.

It's a familiar sentence.

But out of all the Arsenal fans in all the world, this guy, the Arsenal internet legend simply known as "Claude", had the biggest meltdown. Here's a repeated loop of it for you to watch for the next 10 hours.

Claude is world famous as Arsenal's angriest fan, and there's even a Twitter account dedicated to Claude Vines.

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