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    21 Questions Welsh Rugby Fans Have For English People

    We gave Welsh people the opportunity to ask the questions they've always wanted to ask (h/t Paul Rowland, James King, Rachael Krishna, Elena Cresci, Geraint Criddle).

    1. "What is it about matchdays that just screams gilets and tweed?"


    2. "Can you name two songs?"


    "Only you just seem to sing that one song โ€“ and the rest of the world has noticed."

    3. "Did you win the World Cup in 2003?"

    Stu Forster / Getty Images

    "It's just that you never seem to talk about it or randomly bring it up in conversation."

    4. "When was the last time you won a Grand Slam?"

    Michael Steele / Getty Images

    "Clue: It was in the year you never, ever stop talking about."

    5. "And what period of time do you think it'd be appropriate to stop using a World Cup as an arguing point?"

    Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

    "10 years perhaps? 11? 12?"

    6. "Is Matthew Tait okay yet?"

    Stu Forster / Getty Images

    You might want to check on him.

    7. "Don't you just wish this guy was English?"

    Stu Forster / Getty Images

    8. "Or this guy?"

    Paul Ellis / AFP / Getty Images

    "(That's how you sing a national anthem)."

    9. "Does this guy make you proud?"

    David Rogers / Getty Images

    "Really...? Like actually?"

    10. "What about this lot?"

    Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

    11. "Have you worked out yet that Wales, Ireland and Scotland have got Dan Cole on the payroll to give away as many penalties as possible per game?"

    Clive Rose / Getty Images

    "It's working out pretty well for us."

    12. "Do you really not want to punch this face?"

    Ben Hoskins / Getty Images

    13. "What about this one?"

    Shirlaine Forrest / Getty Images

    14. "Do you understand that John Inverdale is just an England fan with a microphone?"

    John Gichigi / Getty Images

    "He's not even trying to hide it anymore."

    15. "Do you ever wonder if we're singing nasty things about you when we sing in Welsh, because, to be honest, we are..."

    Michael Steele / Getty Images

    16. "Is this video real or is it a parody? It's a parody yeah? Almost an entire documentary about a kick."

    View this video on YouTube

    17. "You know, if you like kicking so much, you could just play football?"

    Getty Sport

    18. "Does it ever bother you that a nation of 3 million can absolutely tonk a nation of 53 million?"

    Franck Fife / AFP / Getty Images



    20. "Can you spot the Welshman in this picture?"


    21. "How sad are you on a scale from 1 - 10 that you have no reason to wear daffodil hats?"

    Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images

    22. "Why is the Welsh rugby team so much better looking than the English?"

    Stu Forster / Getty Images

    23. "Finally, when we knock you out of the group stages of the World Cup, can you agree to finally stop talking about 2003?"

    David Rogers / Getty Images

    Because it's now the year 2015.

    English rugby fans! If you have any questions for Welsh rugby fans, feel free to leave them in the comments...

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