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    19 Things You'll Remember If You Were Totally Obsessed With Football At School

    Exercise books for shin pads is the only way forward.

    1. These legendary boots which definitely put more curve on your shots and made you more accurate... and faster.

    2. Being told that you weren't allowed to wear blades (even though you just bought brand news ones) when you played for the school team but never really knowing why.

    3. Not being able to concentrate in Geography class because you knew the PE teacher was going to pin the teamsheet for the next school match on the outside of his door at lunch time.

    4. Then getting the call-up from Sir and being like...

    5. Your best mate's dad turned from a mild mannered accountant into one of Danny Dyer's football hardmen when the school team played.

    6. This amazing and totally user-friendly team management system on FIFA 98 Road to World Cup (which you bought even though you already owned FIFA 98).

    7. And this indoor pitch game on FIFA 98 which allowed you to pass the ball to yourself by bouncing it off the wall.

    8. Forgetting to bring your shin pads to school on match day so using these instead...

    9. Trying to recreate this goal in the playground but falling backwards and taking your friend down with you.

    10. This guy...

    11. Really wanting a new pair of Preds but getting Lottos instead.

    12. Having a pair of Sondico gloves kicking around just in case you ever needed to go in goal.

    13. When you'd been looking forward to a match against your local rivals all week but it got rained off even though pitch was FINE.

    14. Championship Manager was actually a thing that you went to your friend's house to play.

    15. And you were generally pretty terrible at it because your arrows made NO SENSE.

    16. This life changing advert.

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    17. That one kid in class who dominated up front because he had a growth spurt at the age of 10.

    18. These... the breaker and the bringer of dreams.

    19. Fighting over kit numbers and everybody wanting to be No.10 or No.7 (Welsh people wanted to be No.11).