People Are Going Crazy Over This Roger Federer Trick Shot

    It's Wimbledon, which means it's time to remember that Roger Federer is an alien.

    Roger Federer is quite good at tennis, that we know. But at Wimbledon today he pulled off THE MOST insane trick shot.

    @rogerfederer is a wizard. It's the only explanation. #Wimbledon2015 #Wimbledon

    In his second-round match against Sam Querrey, the seven-time Wimbledon champion lobbed his opponent with a cheeky tweener shot from between his legs.

    It looked like he wasn't EVEN trying.

    It led people to start tweeting Federer to ask perfectly valid questions such as this one...

    Fair question.

    This is another perfectly valid question.

    @rogerfederer how have you done that? Like how, seriously? That's not nice is it

    It's unfair, Roger. You really should think about other people and how your actions affect them.

    This guy just told him to stop.

    You should probably take this on board, Rog.

    One popular theory is that he is an actual wizard.

    @rogerfederer is a wizard. It's the only explanation. #Wimbledon2015 #Wimbledon

    It would explain those seven Wimbledon titles.

    Some people took it a step further and claimed that he is a deity.

    One of the best shots you will ever see! Roger federer you are a God Through the legs lob #wow #Wimbledon

    He does seem better than all the other humans, to be fair.

    At the very least, he must be a sovereign ruler of a kingdom.

    @rogerfederer is still the king. Turning on the style on centre court. #Wimbledon2015

    The kingdom of tennis... Amirite, guys? Guys?

    The guy's face at the end of this video pretty much sums it up.

    Wow is absolutely correct.

    Everyone at Wimbledon today be like...

    We'll leave you with this incredibly British reaction to events at Wimbledon.

    A classy bastard indeed.