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    17 Jokes About Chelsea Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    (Unless you're a Chelsea fan...)

    1. We asked football fans if they wanted to take the piss out of Chelsea... and of course they did.

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    Football fans sent a number of Chelsea-related jokes our way.

    2. In fact, they were more than keen...

    BuzzFeed / Getty

    3. Or alternatively...

    This is what Chelsea fans will look like in May when they get relegated

    4. There were a few classics:

    BuzzFeed / Charlie Crowhurst / Getty Images

    5. As well as a few modern classics:

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    6. "That moment when you realise you left the whole Chelsea back four in your fantasy team."

    7. Chelsea's position in the league this season was a bit of a theme.

    BuzzFeed / Getty

    8. A very common theme.

    BuzzFeed / TFL

    9. The notion of "history" also came up...

    BuzzFeed / Getty

    10. More than once, in fact:

    BuzzFeed / Getty

    11. This man was certainly a target.

    BuzzFeed / Getty

    12. Which is only to be expected.

    BuzzFeed / Getty

    13. And, obviously, this man was also a target.

    BuzzFeed / Getty

    14. We didn't see this one coming though....

    BuzzFeed / Chelsea FC

    15. Man United fans have piled in.

    16. One person just sent in a screengrab of something that gets them through a difficult day.

    BuzzFeed / Twitter

    17. And one person might have finally proved that this whole bus thing is a conspiracy from within Stamford Bridge:

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