17 Jokes About Chelsea Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    (Unless you're a Chelsea fan...)

    1. We asked football fans if they wanted to take the piss out of Chelsea... and of course they did.

    2. In fact, they were more than keen...

    3. Or alternatively...

    This is what Chelsea fans will look like in May when they get relegated

    4. There were a few classics:

    5. As well as a few modern classics:

    6. "That moment when you realise you left the whole Chelsea back four in your fantasy team."


    7. Chelsea's position in the league this season was a bit of a theme.

    8. A very common theme.

    9. The notion of "history" also came up...

    10. More than once, in fact:

    11. This man was certainly a target.

    12. Which is only to be expected.

    13. And, obviously, this man was also a target.

    14. We didn't see this one coming though....

    15. Man United fans have piled in.

    16. One person just sent in a screengrab of something that gets them through a difficult day.

    17. And one person might have finally proved that this whole bus thing is a conspiracy from within Stamford Bridge: