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Why The Premier League Is The Greatest League In The World, According To Jamie Carragher

He's played it, he's lived it, and now he's telling BuzzFeed why it's the world's greatest.

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With the 2015/16 Premier League season ALMOST upon us, BuzzFeed Football spoke to this man...

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Liverpool legend and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher has given us his favourite Premier League moments – the moments that prove it's the greatest league in the world.

From 23 years of drama, goals, elation and heartbreak, Jamie's nailed it down to just 10 key moments.

10) Steven Gerrard's goal against Manchester United in 2001...

Michael Steele / Getty Images / Sky Sports Commentary

Yeah, OK, we know what you're thinking, Of course Jamie's going to pick a Liverpool goal against Manchester United, but hear him out:

"To score against the old enemy, against midfielders like Keane and Scholes," says Jamie.

"He announced himself to the world as the man to take the mantle as the best midfielder in the country."

9) The Arsenal Invincibles going unbeaten in 2003/04...

Shaun Botterill / Getty Images

"The unbeaten run – that team they had can't ever really be topped. That was the best side we've seen in the Premier League. Sadly they didn't do enough in Europe. They were good enough to win Champions League but didn't."

And Carra thinks there's only one man who could match Wenger's achievement in that incredible season:

"If anyone is going to match it, it will be Mourinho and Chelsea. If anyone is going to do it, it will be him."

8) Gary McAllister's winning goal against Everton in 2001...

Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

Another Liverpool moment, and here's why:

"[It was] a derby game, in the Premier League, and if there was one ground you wanted to win at most as a Liverpool player, I'd say Goodison.

"That goal set us on our way in the year we won our cups. We got Champions League qualification for the first time, and without that goal, we wouldn't have got it.

"We won the match from a 40-yarder!"


7) Mourinho's first interview as Chelsea manager in 2004...

Football Daily / YouTube / Via

Jamie says: "'I'm not one from the bottle,' he said.

"His initial impact was all summed up in that interview. He's cocky but he can back it up. He came in and smashed it."

6) Steve Bruce scoring against Sheffield Wednesday...

John Peters / Getty Images

This isn't the only defender's goal among Jamie's picks, and for the Liverpool legend, this one signified the start of one of football's greatest dynasties...even if it was for one of Liverpool's great rivals.

"That was when they won their first title under Alex Ferguson," Jamie says.

"Steve Bruce's goal set the ball rolling for Manchester United and was the start of an era really."

5) Luis Suarez's hat-trick against Norwich (in 2014)...

Abitab / Youtube / Via

Luis Suarez is the most consistent scorer of hat-tricks in the Premier League era, and his third hat-trick against Norwich came in the 2013/14 season.

In fact, he scored four goals that day – it was the Luis Suarez show. And for Jamie, it's the best he's seen.

"I've gone for this over Bergkamp's hat-trick, his one against Norwich a couple of years ago – he's one of the best players we've seen in the Premier League."

4) *That* Kevin Keegan interview...

Sky Sports

Keegan's "I would love it if we beat them" rant is now the stuff of football folklore.

"He was going for the title in the mid-'90s with Newcastle, and I just think it was one of those great moments – you remember him off the pitch for that," Jamie says.

"It was a TV interview that you'll never forget."



3) Stan Collymore's late winning goal against Newcastle in 1996...

Stu Forster / Getty Images / Sky Sports commentary

Certainly one of the most memorable goals in Premier League history, and there are three reasons Jamie Carragher will never forget it:

"The commentary, the reaction of Kevin Keegan, and the goal going in at the Kop end."

Poor Keegan.

2) Tony Adams' goal against Everton in 1998...

Arsenal / Sky Sports / Youtube / Via

"The league was won but that goal sealed it.

"It's not so much winning the league, but more about Wenger, [the goal] epitomised what he brought to Arsenal.

"That moment summed up what Wenger brought to Arsenal and the Premier League.

"If there's one moment that sums it all up, that's it – a typical English centre-back busting out the back."

And the No. 1 moment for Jamie is...

1) "Agueroooooooooooooo"...

Paul Ellis / Getty Images

Jamie Carragher's favourite Premier League moment is possibly THE most dramatic moment in the history of the league.

Aguero's 95th minute winner against QPR stole the title away from Man United in 2012 in incredible fashion.

"It will take a lot for that ever be beaten," Jamie says.

"Accompanied by the famous commentary, to win it in the way they did, you won't ever surpass that, I don't think."

Aguero's 90+4 goal is one of the highest voted moments in the Premier League's 23-year history in a poll on the Sky Sports website – but you can vote for a famous moment in your own side's history if you disagree with Carra's ratings.